BB Bakery Bus (Central London)

  So this weekend was super exciting as I got invited to my first ever blogger event! Rennie had teamed up with BB Bakery to take a group of food bloggers on a tour of London.

They put together a pretty cool invite (you can cut it out and turn it into a 3D bus!) and when it came through my letter box I was ridiculously excited. 

  On Saturday morning my friend Laura and I headed off to Waterloo to greet the bus and the other bloggers who had also been invited. The bus is an old routemaster which has been stripped out and fitted with booths and tables. There were about 20 bloggers and guests there so as you can imagine it was a bit tricky to get a photo as everyone was getting snap happy but hopefully this gives you an idea of what it looked like. 

    I took these through the window of the bus so apologies for the reflection but you can see the booths and tables laid out with a selection of treats.     We hopped on the bus and were shown to our table. I’m pretty sure we got the best table on the bus, right at the front on the upper deck, so the views were pretty great. After a short welcome from Rennie explaining that they’d chosen the bakery bus for their promotion due to the links with Rennie and food, we tucked into some amazing food!   As you can see, everything had been thought of, right down to the cute little milk jugs. We were a little nervous that as soon as the bus moved the food would go flying all over the place but they had thought of that and the plates were attached to the tables – very clever!     

 There was so much food that we just didn’t know where to start but we thought we should go for the savoury options first. Finger sandwiches with ham and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese and also chicken and salad.   Blinis with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber (this was my favourite of the savoury items) and you can also see the mushroom quiche in the background.   Before the cakes there was tea and coffee. They have a great selection of teas and coffees and the friendly waitresses come round to take your order they then give you them in thermos flasks so that it doesn’t go everywhere – they really have thought of everything!   Then came what we had been waiting for…the cakes!  

 First up was a mini lemon meringue which was seriously delicious.    Just look at all that meringue!!  Then there were chocolate macarons, crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Again, really yummy!     There was a host of other cakes which we munched our way through as we looked out over London. I normally find being on buses a bit stressful when they’re stuck in traffic, but when you have so much delicious food to be eating you really don’t notice the traffic! There was definitely a lot of bus envy from people on other buses!!

The route is printed on the tables so if you don’t know the sites, or you’re not from London then you can get an idea of where you are.   We went past the London Eye and Houses of Parliament but I’ll admit I didn’t take too many photos of the sites as I was too busy enjoying the food!     

 After all that food we were really quite full, but as soon as we were asked if we wanted scones we managed to find space! They came with little pots of clotted cream and strawberry jam which was a lovely touch.

 The tour lasts about an hour and a half, and usually starts at Northumberland Avenue (near Trafalgar Square). I would definitely recommend it, particularly for special occasions. It was my friend Laura’s birthday at the weekend so I took her with me and it was really nice to do something a bit different. Tickets cost £45 for adults, and £35 for children. If you look at the price of afternoon tea in a hotel/nice cafe then it’s really reasonable in comparison and you get a tour of London! You can read more about the tour and book your tickets here. Thank you so much to BB Bakery, Rennie and Mediacom (the organisers) for inviting me, it really was a fantastic afternoon and I will definitely be coming back soon! 

In case you hadn’t eaten enough cake they also gave us these cute little boxes filled with mini cupcakes. The perfect gift from a fantastic afternoon.    


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