Bob Bob Ricard (Soho)


So a couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and my parents kindly offered to take me out for supper. They also said I could choose where we went which made things tricky as there are a lot of places in London I want to try. I’d heard good things about Bob Bob Ricard and had also heard it was quite a fun place so that’s where we settled on.

You walk in and there’s lots of dark wood and marble and it all looks pretty grand. We were shown to our table which was a booth (most of the tables seem to be booths) and it was a bit like being in an old fashioned train carriage which was pretty cool. I saw this button and got way too over excited. If someone would like to install one in my house (and supply the champagne) then I definitely won’t be complaining!!  

We pressed the button and voila! It’s like magic.  

Then it was time to decide what to eat, and it was not easy as everything sounded really tasty. The menu is British and Russian food and the emphasis seemed to be on good ingredients and hearty food.   

We finally decided on what to have. Mum went for the Beetroot and goats cheese salad – thinly sliced beetroot with whipped goats cheese and broadbeans. I tried some of it and it was very light and tasty.     

My brother Ed decided he didn’t really fancy a starter, and Dad and I both went for the Lobster, crab and shrimp pelmeni (my dad has realised by now that if he orders the same thing as me then he can avoid me taking photos of his food!) I love pelmeni (they’re Russian dumplings) but usually have had them with meat so these were a bit different to usual but seriously delicious.     

Having eaten our way through the starters it was time for the mains. This was also a hard decision to make as everything looked really good but I asked the waitress what she would recommend and I wasn’t disappointed. We had a pretty great table of food (sorry I only managed to capture half the food, I didn’t want to make a big scene and have to stand on my chair to get it all in!!)  

Mum went for the chicken, mushroom and champagne pie. It was huge and the pastry lid was so cool with their logo on it! My mum is known for making an excellent chicken pie (one day I will put the recipe up) but I think that this one is pretty up there on the rankings of epic chicken pies – it might have something to do with all the champagne!  

Dad went for the steak with foie gras and apple which we said was very good. 

Ed went for the veal steak, also apparently very good.   

I chose the baked sole, stuffed with lobster in champagne sauce. It doesn’t get much more decadent than that! It was super fresh fish wrapped around lobster. It was so delicious and wasn’t something I’d seen on a menu before so was nice to have something a bit different. 


And we got a lot of portions of chips. They come in little boxes which I thought was cute. 


Then came the desserts… I was pretty full from all the food we’d eaten so far but with a selection this good, and the fact it was my birthday, I thought it would be rude not to!   

Ed chose the sorbets and vodka (probably because there was vodka involved!), Dad went for the dulce de leche crème brulée which looked and also apparently tasted pretty good. With crème brulée being on offer in so many restaurants I liked that they did something a little bit different. 


Mum didn’t have a pudding as she just likes to sample everyone else’s (it doesn’t count as calories of someone else orders it, right?!)

I went for the BBR Signature Chocolate Glory. I’d heard about it and read about it on other blogs so I was really excited to try it. They put a golden wafer orb in front of you and then the magic happens…


…chocolate sauce is poured over it…


…and the wafer melts to reveal chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, berries and jelly. Not only was it really fun but it was also seriously delicious. A chocolate lover’s dream!! 


The waitress also overheard my family wishing me a happy birthday so they gave me an ice cream type cake. I’m not entirely sure what was in it but it was really tasty, and they put a sparkler in it! 


I would seriously recommend Bob Bob Ricard. I’d heard from various people that the place is fun but the food seemed to have mix reviews. In my opinion the food was great. The 4 of us all have quite different preferences when it comes to food but there really is something for everyone. Press for champagne buttons, monogrammed champagne pie, melting chocolate glories and vodka sorbets, what’s not to love?! Whilst it’s not the sort of place you’d go for a quick supper, it is definitely a good place to go for an occasion. I had a great birthday and will definitely be going back again, huge thanks to my family for taking me (and Bob Bob Ricard for great food, especially the surprise cake and sparkler!)


Hally’s (Parsons Green)


Recently my friend Ellie suggested we go to a Pilates class. I agreed to go along but wasn’t expecting much, the Pilates classes I’ve been to before have all been a bit rubbish, but I was in for a shock as this was incredibly difficult! Afterwards I could barely walk and had definitely worked up an appetite so we decided to head to Hally’s for some breakfast.

Parsons Green/Fulham is known for being yummy mummy central and Hally’s fits in perfectly to attract such a crowd. That’s by no means a bad thing though. With people becoming more and more health conscious, and healthiness being fashionable, they have hit the nail on the head. With plenty of healthy options but also the brunch ‘classics’ they will attract the yummy mummy’s with bugaboos in the week and then all the twenty something’s at the weekends. Surely enough, we fall into the “twenty something’s who want to try to be healthy (or at least pretend to be)”…

We started with mango juice and matcha almond milk latte (see – health consciously trendy!). They have a pretty great juice list and if you can’t find what you want then head over the road to Little H which is their sister juice bar. Any who, the mango juice was delicious and Ellie enjoyed her drink (I still have no idea what matcha is!)


After almost dying at Pilates (it really was so hard, they have these machines called reformers which look like a medieval torturing rack!) it was definitely time to eat our weight in food. 

Ellie went for the eggs florentine with a side of sausages. Sausages can be a hit and miss, but these were obviously good quality and very meaty.   

I chose eggs benedict with a side of avocado. It was possibly all my favourite things in one plate. Toast, with piles of smoked salmon, runny poached eggs, perfect hollandaise and ripe avocado. What more could you want? 



Just look at that yolk… #yolkporn! 



They have a great selection of home made cakes which looked so delicious so I thought it would be rude not to! For all you people out there who can’t/don’t eat gluten, they also do some gluten free cakes. 

Luckily I eat gluten so opted for a ginormous slice of carrot cake. If you’ve read this blog before then you’ll have realised I’m a huge sucker for carrot cake. Maybe it’s because it contains vegetables so I think it’s healthy…?! Who knows, but what I can tell you is that this was an excellent slice of carrot cake. And it had 3 layers of icing, AMAZING!  

I think Hally’s is great, really tasty food (and cakes), a varied menu with someone to appeal to everyone and friendly staff. As you can see, it’s not particularly big so I’d recommend getting there early to bag a table, especially if you want to sit outside as they have a couple of tables on the pavement. The decor is simple with homely touches (not how my home looks but more how a Fulham yummy mummy’s house would look) and creates a relaxed atmosphere. You can peruse their website here and look at the menus. They have also recently started opening in the evenings on Thursdays and Fridays so that could be worth investigating too. Prices are fairly standard of brunch places in London (but are very reasonable for the area) with mains from about £7-11. I’ll definitely be heading back there soon and I know this review reads like it would be more somewhere you’d go to with the girls, but if you take boys here they will love the full English, so as I said, there really is something for everyone!