The Table (Southwark)

Just a quick little post today of a new brunch spot which I discovered at the weekend, it’s a little gem! 

I can often be pretty rubbish when it comes to catching up with friends and I hadn’t seen my friend Jess for ages so was really looking forward to it. She lives East and I live South West so we decided to meet somewhere in between. I spend a lot of time in Central so we thought we’d go somewhere a bit different. Southwark seemed to work for both of us and knowing how keen I am on brunch, Jess said I could choose where we went. After a quick google I came across The Table. It had good reviews, the brunch menu looked good and it’s perfectly located between Waterloo and London Bridge so we decided to give it a try. 

It’s not very big, and there are long benches and a few other tables too. When we arrived it wasn’t too busy but as it got later it was packed to the rafters and you could hear everyone’s conversations, so if you go there bare this in mind! It has an open kitchen which I love as it means you can watch the chefs at work, but we both agreed that it would be quite stressful for them as they are constantly on show. As well as the open plan interior there is a courtyard at the back with some tables which would be amazing in summer! 


The menu for brunch is pretty good, it has all the classics that you’d expect – eggs in a hundred different forms, pancakes, waffles, full english etc. I know I always say how I’m tempted to go for one of the sweet options and then inevitably choose something savoury and this was no different! 

Jess went for the eggs benedict – poached eggs with bacon and hollandaise. She said they were good but were fairly standard of what you’d get in most places.   

I went for a bagel with poached eggs, chorizo and hollandaise. It was also meant to come with ham hock baked beans, but I have a phobia of baked beans so sadly had to ask for it without them.   

It was pretty tasty, runny eggs with spicy chorizo and hollandaise that wasn’t overly strong (sometimes I find that it has such a strong flavour that it’s all you can taste, but luckily not this time)! I think if you like beans then they’d be a great addition as it was slightly dry without them.   

After the eggs we thought maybe we’d share a pudding/sweet main course. We initially wanted the profiteroles but they’d sold out so we went for the pancake with yoghurt, seasonal berries and chocolate sauce. I am so glad they had sold out of profiteroles as this was something else! No-one around us had ordered pancakes so we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were in for a good surprise! 

  This is how I imagine a pancake was originally supposed to be, literally a cake cooked in a pan. It was so thick, but still fluffy on the inside. It’s hard to tell from the picture how big it was but the answer is huge! I’d say the size of a pizza…! It was so tasty and definitely filled us up. In future I would possibly share a savoury main and then share a pancake as that would have meant I didn’t have to waddle out afterwards!  

If you’re in the area then I would definitely recommended The Table, the food is really good, the staff are friendly and the queue was minimal (which is rare for breakfast in London)! Afterwards I walked past The Breakfast Club by London Bridge and whilst I do like The Breakfast Club I think that The Table is better and you don’t have to queue for hours. Also their pancakes are far superior! Mains are priced at £8-12 which is pretty good and they also have a load of fresh juices and smoothies from about £2.50 (or there are breakfast cocktails if you need something a bit stronger)! You can find more about them here, and it’s worth remembering that they have a lunch/supper menu which also looks pretty appetising, and on Thursdays they have live jazz nights. Pretty sure I’ll be back there soon to try it out so watch this space!