Light on the Common (Wimbledon Village)

I recently arranged to meet my friend Laura for brunch. We thought we’d go somewhere in Wimbledon Village as there are a few good options – both chains and also one offs. Due to me being rather late it was actually lunchtime by the time we arrived so decided to head to Light on the Common. 

They do a breakfast menu which finishes at 12 but as I was a bit late they’d stopped serving it. Luckily they also do a pretty great lunch menu. We started with drinks – orange juice for Laura and a berry smoothie for me. Really fresh and refreshing and as I hadn’t had breakfast yet it bridged the gap perfectly between waking up and lunch!

We spent a while reading through the menh and it was a tough call as a lot of it looked really good but we finally decided!

Laura opted for the baked goats cheese, pesto, green bean and crouton salad.

It looked (and apparently tasted) phenomenal. A huge piece of gooey goats cheese on mixed leaves with beans in a pesto dressing. A perfect salad for summer.

In my head I was still convinced it was breakfast time so I opted for salt beef hash with a poached egg and devilled sauce, and a side of chilli and garlic broccoli. I first tried salt beef hash a few weeks ago at Jackson & Rye and since then I am a full on convert. It’s so hearty and filling and really tasty too. I must admit that I had no idea what devilled sauce was (and after googling it there are various options but it always tends to consist of chutney, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, curry powder and mustard powder!), but it tasted really good and I get the impression is often used for pies and casseroles and I thought it was a great addition.

It even came with a runny egg! If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I’m an absolute sucker for a runny egg! (Look up #yolkporn and you’re in for a treat – don’t worry though it’s nothing dodgy!)

After munching our way through some delicious food we didn’t really have room for pudding (although the pudding menu did look pretty great) and I’ll definitely have one next time we go back so we just went for coffees – definitely not as exciting!

I think Light on the Common is a great find as it covers lots of different things, you could pop in there for lunch with your children (it seems very family friendly), go for a lazy brunch with friends (make sure you get there before 12pm!) or go for a more romantic evening meal. It covers all the bases, the staff are friendly and the food is great. The menu is also quite varied so everyone is bound to find something they like. You can look them up here and if you’ve never been to Wimbledon Village before then you’re in for a treat. The home of the yummy mummy, there are loads of great shops – both the nice high street shops and also some smaller one offs and there is also the huge common which you can go for a stroll around before going for lunch at Light. What more could you want?!


2 thoughts on “Light on the Common (Wimbledon Village)

    • Yes definitely! Let’s add it to the ever expanding list of places to try! I think you’d like it though and they have skylights so great for taking photos!

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