Locale (Blackheath)

This week I decided to go crazy and explore a new area of London…
As most of you will know I’ve lived here for nearly eight years and most of that time has been living in Camden or Southfields. I obviously eat out in central quite a lot and also in south west but I don’t think I’ve ever gone south east before. One of my friends lives near Blackheath so I decided to venture in that direction. I know I make it sound like it’s the other side of the earth but it really isn’t very far! Anyway enough about my travels around London, the point I’m getting to get across is that I went to Blackheath!

Funnily enough we ended up going to Locale which actually has another branch in Fulham. I haven’t been to the one in Fulham but the one in Blackheath was pretty damn good, a little gem tucked away just behind the station. It was so cold this week and it was so lovely and toasty in there. You go up the stairs into a large bar area and then the restaurant is at the back. We went on a Thursday and it was quite quiet but still had a good atmosphere and didn’t feel empty at all. It’s one of those restaurants where you look down the menu and just want to eat everything! We were both unsure on starters so we ordered two very different ones and shared which is always a winner. First up was scallops with pancetta and minted pea purée. So tasty! I find pea purée can be a bit bland sometimes but this one was full of flavour and the scallops were really meaty, pretty great mouthful.

And then a protein filled starter of steak tartare (which the waitress kindly reminded me was raw meat, I reckon they must have had people send it back before for being undercooked!!) It came with various things on the side so you could add them if you wanted to which I thought was a great touch – anchovies, olives, capers and onions. It was really tasty and the meat was good quality.

Having munched our way through the starters it was time for the mains. Again we really struggled to decide what to order but they had a few good fish dishes so I went for the sea bass with squid ink risotto and broccolini.

It was so tasty! The fish was perfectly grilled so it was crispy on the outside and then moist in the middle, and the risotto was buttery and rich without being too overpowering. And then there was the broccolini…I’ve never had it before but it tasted like a cross between asparagus and broccoli (two of my fave vegetables) and sure enough, after a quick google, I discovered that it is exactly a cross between the two!

My friend is almost as indecisive as me and so he did the sensible thing and opted for the mixed grill so he could try a bit of everything.

There was chicken, sausage, lamb AND steak. An absolute meat feast. I tried some of the lamb and it was a winner- tender and succulent.

He got a side of triple cooked chips and whilst I’ve never been too sure about the whole craze surrounding them, but I must admit that now I’m converted. They were super crispy on the outside and then soft and fluffy in the middle. I got the low down on how they’re cooked three times and it does sound like a lot of effort but it was well worth it (especially as all we had to do was eat them!)

The portions were very generous so we didn’t have any room for pudding although I’m sure they would’ve also been yum. We took our time over supper and by the time we finished we were the only people left in the restaurant so we thought was probably time to call it a night. Locale is great though and I’d definitely recommend it. We went for wine but the cocktail list looked pretty good and it’s the sort of place you could just go for drinks if you didn’t want to eat. Considering it’s pretty fancy the prices are pretty reasonable and the bill was about £85 for a bottle of wine, two starters and two mains. You can have a look at their website here (http://www.localerestaurants.com) for more info on locations but definitely worth a trip to Blackheath and would be nice for a weekend lunch and then you can explore a new area of London too!


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