Megan’s (Chelsea)

I’m on a brunching roll at the moment and am seriously enjoying it!
Having reviewed most of my usual haunts I’ve needed to try and find a few new places. It’s not very tricky though as I either read other blogs for suggestions or just type in the name of the area and then brunch. Last weekend I was meeting my friend Marcus and we thought we’d go somewhere around Fulham, so I followed my foolproof method and googled ‘Fulham brunch’ and after looking few some of the results I found Megan’s. It had good reviews and the menu looked like it had some great options so we decided on that. As neither of us had been there we weren’t sure where exactly it was or if we’d spot it but it’s hard to miss! On New Kings Road (about 5 minutes walk from Fulham Broadway tube) you will see the huge windows filled with cakes and very happy looking customers. It looked quite busy but what we didn’t know is that it has a huge inside/outside area. I imagine in summer it’s more like a courtyard but in winter there is a roof and lots of heaters so you wouldn’t even know you were sort of outside. It’s beautifully decorated with flowers and fairy lights covering the walls.

We grabbed a table and started perusing the breakfast menu. They have trays of lovely looking salads and quiches which I was tempted by.

But we were both a bit hungover so decided that we needed a solid brunch. We started with drinks – latte for Marcus.

2015/01/img_3329.jpg I always thing lattes look great but I don’t like milk so opted for a passion fruit and orange smoothie instead which was so tasty.

We had a gander at the menu but it didn’t take long to decide. Marcus always goes for a full english and I always choose something with poached eggs! The food came pretty quickly which was perfect as we were pretty ravenous.

Marcus’ full english… Pretty standard in terms of what came on it but it looked (and apparently tasted) like they’d used high quality sausages and bacon which I think makes a big difference.

I went for the eggs benedict – poached eggs, parma ham, rocket and hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast. There’s a choice of bread – sourdough, granary or gluten free. I think the gluten free bread is a great idea as so many people don’t eat gluten. I know more and more places do it but I still think it’s good. I also got an additional hash brown – I don’t know if it’s a thing from school but I have a weird obsession with hash browns, I could probably eat hundreds of them – weird I know!



It was so delicious. Runny yolks, the hollandaise wasn’t overpowering and they were very generous with the parma ham. An absolute win in my eyes! Also the hash brown was so good. So many places do ‘homemade hash browns’ which often turn out to be fried potatoes and is always a disappointment but this was a homemade version of a proper hash brown!
Normally I wouldn’t get pudding at brunch, but the cake selection was too good to say no to. They change daily and all looked amazing.


Marcus chose the mint and chocolate cake and was given the biggest slice of cake I’ve ever seen! I obviously had to try it… I’m not the biggest fan of mint and chocolate together but this was great. Moist rich sponge with refreshing frosting, a real treat.

I was really struggling to decide what to have, but the great thing is they do large and small cakes, so I got two small cakes – that’s acceptable right?! I went for the banana crunch muffin and the raspberry and white chocolate loaf. Both amazing, I really couldn’t choose between them. Full of flavour and not too dense.

After all that cake we decided we’d eaten more than enough and headed off. The food at Megan’s is amazing. The breakfast menu ranges from £6-10 for a main and the cakes range from about £1.50-4 depending what you get. I’ll definitely be heading back for lunch soon to try the salads and they’re also open for supper so will have to give that a go. I know this is a bold statement but I think this is now my favourite brunch spot and will definitely be going back soon! You can find their website here ( Be warned though – if you’re one of my friends and you go and don’t invite me then there will be serious consequences!!!!


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