Lantana Cafe (Fitzrovia)

When three food bloggers go out for brunch it gets rather snap happy!
I met up with some friends for brunch and two of them also write food blogs – Hashtagcake and Champagne & Chutney. We understandably all got a bit carried away with our phones/cameras so I must apologise to Seb and Laura as their plates got passed round the table so the three of us could take plenty of photos – sorry guys!

Anywho, so I met up with some friends for lunch and as we were all coming from different parts of London we thought it was necessary to go somewhere central. I used to live just off Charlotte Street (most convenient location ever!) and quite often went to Lantana for breakfast but hadn’t been there for ages. None of the others had been before so they put their trust in my judgement and we all hopped on various tubes to get there. It’s tucked away on Charlotte Street Place (just off Goodge St and Charlotte St), but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t busy! We arrived at 11ish so luckily it wasn’t too busy and we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table (we were a group of 5 so that’s pretty good in my opinion!) It’s quite small and so we were pretty pleased that it was only a short wait. Once we sat down we ordered coffees and had a good old catch up. I had an ice coffee (even though it had been snowing outside) as I am mildly obsessed with them and this was a pretty good one.

2015/01/img_3276.jpg And then we had the tricky task of deciding what to order – everything on the menu looked so good! And you can’t dispute that this looks like a pretty epic table of food…


I think we all had eggs of some form, except Seb who had the muesli. Personally I think he’s crazy to go somewhere with such a fab menu and go for muesli but I let him off as he was going for lunch an hour or so later. It did look good though and came with some juicy peaches (possibly pear, we’re not sure as the menu says rhubarb and it defs wasn’t rhubarb!!)

Rahul went for the courgette bread with poached eggs, halloumi, roasted tomatoes and chilli jam. It looked (and apparently tasted) delicious!

Laura had avocado, roasted tomatoes and poached eggs on toast. On the way there she’d said she wanted avocado, eggs, tomato and bread so she was pretty much winning at this point!

Harry opted for the braised beans with ham hock, chorizo and poached eggs on toast (which I was also extremely tempted by) and it looked so yummy. She also said it was perfect, and I think probably quite warming on such a cold day.

And then finally my breakfast – sweetcorn fritters with poached eggs, bacon, avocado and tomatoes. I’ve seen sweetcorn fritters on a few menus before and had never had them but was rather intrigued. They were great! I’m still not sure what’s in them but I’d take a guess at sweetcorn, potato and maybe egg? I’ll do some research and try to create my own one of these days.

2015/01/img_3279.jpg I’m a sucker for a runny yolk and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! (Did you know there’s a hashtag on Instagram called #yolkporn ?! It’s probably weird to admit it but it’s a pretty great hashtag!)


All in all it was a fantastic meal and the portions were the perfect size, big enough to fill you up until supper time but not so big that you feel really full. Everyone was very pleased with their choices (unless Harry and Rahul write differently on their blogs!) and I highly recommend Lantana! It’s reasonably priced £8-11 for a main and is also open some evenings so I’d be keen to go back then and give it a whirl. They also have a cafe just by Old Street, which I incidentally walked past yesterday and it also looked very appealing! So whether you’re in the East End or West End, there is no excuse not to go and try out this absolute gem. Their website is here and I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough!


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