Ping Pong (Waterloo)

What do you think of when you think of Christmas lunch? I’m guessing for most normal people Dim Sum isn’t up there, but then again my friends and I probably aren’t very normal!
I went to university in London and even though I left 3 and a half years ago I’m fortunate enough that most of my friends stayed around and didn’t disappear to foreign lands (although a few did but it’s good as I can travel around the world to visit them). Sorry am waffling on…basically even though most of us live in the same city we’re all so busy that we rarely see each other. Before everyone went their separate ways for the holidays we thought we’d have a Christmas lunch. Everyone has so many ‘proper’ Christmas lunches with work parties and such so we thought we’d do something a bit different. Enter dim sum. And not just any dim sum – it was all you can eat!! Ping Pong is quite a big chain with lots of different locations but we went for the one on Southbank as its quite big and easy for everyone to get to. As we were quite a big group they sat us upstairs and gave us a huge table which we saw as a challenge to order enough food to fill it!

They give you a menu and you just tick all the things you want, and then you just keep doing that until you can’t eat anymore! We started with Roast Pork Puffs – sticky honey roasted pork in puff pastry. Seriously succulent and tasty.

Duck Spring Rolls with a tangy plum sauce. Crispy and delicious.

Potato and Edamame Cakes – fried potatoes and edamame beans with a chilli sauce, a bit like a posh, asian hash brown.

After the starters (we had about 5 portions of the duck spring rolls), it was time to move onto the main event, the dim sum! Steamed parcels filled with a range of delicious fillings.
Crab and Prawn with ginger – not too fishy and quite light.

Spicy Chicken with vegetables and chilli.

King Prawn and Scallop Sticky Rice – little rice parcels stuffed with prawn and scallops and then wrapped in banana leaves. Make sure you don’t eat the banana leaves though, don’t think they’d be overly tasty.

Beef Gyoza Dumplings – beef and shiitake mushrooms in fried pastry with soy and ginger sauce.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Prawn Rolls – prawn and vegetables in fried rice paper parcels.

Spinach and Mushroom Gyoza – these were probably my least favourite as they were quite bland but the sweet chilli sauce definitely livened them up a bit.

Seafood Dumplings – snow crab, prawns and scallops in carrot pastry. I wouldn’t have put seafood and carrot together but it works surprisingly well and was quite tasty.

Pak Choi Dumplings – mushroom, pak choi and bamboo in spinach pastry. The spinach pastry was really good and made what could have been quite bland a lot more exciting.

Har Gau – possibly my favourite one, prawn and bamboo. Simple yet seriously delicious!

In case you didn’t realise from the number of photos above, we had SO much food. This wasn’t even all of it.

And the final bit, a table full of Char Sui buns.

These are just fluffy clouds of heaven. I don’t know how they make them but they are an absolute dream. Sticky, honey barbecued pork in a fluffy white bun. I could quite happily eat these every day for the rest of my life, and the ones at Ping Pong are exceptional!

We spent about two hours grazing on all the food above and I think it was a unanimous decision that we never needed to eat again after all of the food! It was so tasty and I love that you can try everything on the menu. It’s £21.95 for the all you can eat menu on a Sunday, and I think that normally it’s not that expensive either so would probably work out about the same and you wouldn’t feel the need to eat your body weight in food! I’d definitely recommend Ping Pong to anyone who likes Dim Sum, and my biggest tip is to make sure you have the Char Sui buns, you will not regret it! They have various locations, you can find the one nearest to you on their website (


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