Jackson + Rye (Soho)

It is one of my friend’s birthdays today so yesterday we thought we’d all go out for a birthday brunch.

I’d like to say we’ve grown out of going out and getting drunk on people’s birthdays but sadly that’s not the case, so we thought we’d be slightly classier (or possibly more like hardened alcoholics!) and go out for a boozy brunch. I’ve been to Jackson and Rye before for supper but had never reviewed it so thought this was the perfect excuse. My friend Rahul writes a food and lifestyle blog and reviewed it in the evening a little while ago, so if you’re more interested in their evening menu then you can have a gander at his review here (http://www.champagneandchutney.com/jacksonrye-soho/).

Anyway, I digress. So we were deciding where to go and London has lots of great brunch spots so it’s not the easiest choice, but the good thing about Jackson and Rye is that you can book! A luxury which is becoming rarer and rarer in the ‘trendy’ London restaurant scene. If there are only two of you then you can grab a seat at the bar.

Or if there are more of you (there were six of us), then you can get a smarter table.

You can see in the photo above how extensive the brunch menu is, and the best thing is that they serve the brunch menu until 4pm at weekends – an absolute dream if you’re like me and love breakfast foods! The menu is a variety of different things but is generally american style foods. We started with various cocktails (lots of bellinis – they are a bargainous £4.95!!) while we perused the extensive menu. We pretty much all (except one person) decided on eggs, and they have about 9 different egg dishes so there’s lots of choice!

Alex went for the healthy option – goats cheese and egg white omelette.

Rahul (of Champagne and Chutney fame – see link to his blog further up) also went for the rather healthy ‘Detox Breakfast’ which consisted of eggs, kale, tomatoes and rye bread.

Therese (the birthday girl) and Jake went for the ‘Avocado Royale’ and ‘Avocado Benedict’. Both were avocados filled with salmon or bacon and two poached eggs with hollandaise and toast.

Seb went a bit rogue and ordered the buttermilk chicken burger and sweet potato fries. He’s had the buttermilk chicken before so knew it was a winner and I’ve had the sweet potato fries and they are amazing!

I am very indecisive when it comes to food (and I eat most things which doesn’t help with narrowing down the choices), and would have quite happily eaten anything on the menu but I eventually decided on the ‘Salt Beef Hash’. It was potato and salt beef cakes with fried kale, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – an absolute winner!

Just look at those perfect yolks…

And as I’d been to the gym beforehand/am just generally an absolute fattie, I got a side of Mac and cheese.

As you will probably know if you’ve read this before – I am a Mac and cheese addict and this didn’t disappoint. Perfectly gooey and cheesy. Mmmm.


I think everyone was extremely happy with their choices and the food generally is great at Jackson and Rye. I’ve already lined up what I’ll be having next time – probably the pancakes as some people on the next table had them and they looked great. I know I said the same about the pancakes at The Breakfast Club last week (https://munchandbrunch.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/the-breakfast-club-battersea/), but I have a habit of always choosing the savoury options. Maybe next time I’ll vary it? Unlikely I know! After much feasting, drinking and gossiping we headed off to The Hummingbird Bakery for some birthday cupcakes. Sadly they were all gobbled up before I had a chance to take a photo! All in all though Jackson & Rye is a great spot and I would definitely recommend it for brunch, in fact I think their brunch is better than the evening menu, but then again brunch is my favourite menu so maybe I’m biased! The prices are pretty good with brunch mains ranging from £6.50-£9). For £20 each you can quite easily have two cocktails and a main (and that would include service). They have three branches – Soho, Chiswick and Richmond. I’ve only been to the one in Soho so far but I walked past the one in Richmond the other day and it’s right by the river so I’ll definitely be going there in the summer.

A great brunch with some of my closest friends and obviously a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Therese!


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