Kitchenette (Putney)

There was a lot of debate between getting a takeaway or going out to eat. So glad we chose go out!

I’d arranged to meet a friend for supper last night, but having done a tough mudder style run in the day (it turns out I’m not as outdoorsey as I thought!!) I was exhausted so we were thinking we’d just get takeaway. However after a lot of umming and ahhing we decided as it was a Saturday we should probably go out. We opted for Putney as it’s not far from either of us, and Therese suggested a place called Kitchenette.

I’d walked past it quite a few times and always thought it looked nice so was more than happy to try it. I wasn’t sure what the food would be like but it looks like a brasserie style place so was very surprised when I opened the menu and it was Turkish!! I love Turkish food so it was definitely a pleasant surprise but it didn’t feel like any turkish restaurant I’d ever been to before. But as long as the staff are friendly and the food is good then I don’t think it’s the end of the world whether it feels like a ‘traditional’ restaurant or not.

So the food… I opened the menu and wanted to eat pretty much everything. The beauty of this type of food? The mezze. You can try a bit of everything. Perfect! We naturally opted for the mezze platter.

It came with some pretty tasty flatbread which was perfect for all the dips.


The baba ganush (a creamy aubergine dip) and the ezme (a tomatoey salsa with pomegranate seeds) were my favourites. And then there was also falafel and stuffed vine leaves. I am a bit obsessed with falafel at the moment and these were not a disappointment at all.


Having munched out way through all this food (bearing in mind it was just starters!) we then moved on to the main courses. We both struggled to decide what to order as a lot of the food looked really good, we both very nearly went for the lamb kofte but in the end Therese went for the salmon with giant couscous.


The salmon was cooked just right with a crispy skin and the couscous was herbed (new word, like marinated but with herbs…) to perfection.

I went for the prawns with bulgar wheat.



The prawns were delicious and came with an auberginey, tomatoey ragu and it was really tasty. The bulgar wheat was also really good and the spices really came through, I’m definitely going to try to re-create it!

The portions were very generous and when the waitress gave us the pudding menus we thought we shouldn’t but I’m an absolute sucker for baklava so we decided to share it.


Flaky pastry and a delicious filling it was definitely a winner although the ice cream with it was a little bit strange.

Instead of coffees we went for the ‘Espresso Love’ which is coffee, baileys, kahlua and vanilla vodka, it was so good and the perfect end to a great meal. We stayed there for a while drinking wine and having a good gossip and it was the perfect place for a good catch up. The only negative I have is that it doesn’t really have an identity. I’m not saying it needs to look like it’s straight out of Istanbul but it doesn’t have much personality. That said, the food is fantastic, the staff are very attentive and it’s really reasonably priced. All the food came to about £50, and then the alcohol made the bill a bit more expensive. I shan’t say how much we drank as my mum sometimes reads this and she’ll tell me off but the wine list is pretty good and not overpriced.

All in all I would definitely go back to kitchenette and I’m keen to go for brunch as the breakfast menu looks eggcellent! This is their website, and it’s about a 5 minute walk from Putney Bridge station.


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