The Brown Cow (Fulham)

You know it’s a good day when you go for breakfast and it goes on until 4pm.

That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago when I met up with one of my friends. We decided to go to The Brown Cow in Fulham for breakfast at 11ish but as my time keeping isn’t great it was nearer 12.30 by the time we both got there. The best bit about turning up later was that we had our choice of all the menus – breakfast, brunch and lunch!


By this point I’d already had breakfast so went for the lunch menu instead. I had the hake and nduja risotto.

It was so tasty, creamy risotto with crispy fish, very filling but also incredibly tasty.


My friend opted for breakfast, the full english to be precise. When he ordered it the waitress said that instead of eggs they give you their ‘signature’ scotch egg. I thought it sounded pretty fun but he was a little more dubious.

However the scotch egg proved to be an absolute winner. Just look at it – sausage and a runny egg coated in bread crumbs. What’s not to love?!

Despite being slightly dubious at first it was decided that it was a pretty dam good breakfast.

As it was technically lunchtime by now, we had some wine and then decided it was pudding time. There were a few good options but it was a cold rainy day and so it was a unanimous decision that we were both going to get the apple crumble with ice cream. It was warming and delicious.



After pudding we had a few more drinks before we ventured out into the rain and back home. I hadn’t been to The Brown Cow before and was sceptical about a gastropub for brunch (admittedly I had lunch but still) but it was really good food. The staff were lovely and it has a great atmosphere (it’s quite cosy which is always a winner especially as it’s autumn) and would be good to go to for families. I think our total bill was about £70, and we did have a fair bit to drink. The nearest tube station is Parsons Green and here is a link to their website


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