Karma Kafe (Dubai)

The final part of the Dubai trilogy is just a quickie (well compared to the other two at least!)

It was my last night and as I won’t see Harry for another 5 months, we decided to go somewhere a little snazzy. The Karma Kafe is situated just opposite the Dubai Mall, and after a day of shopping I was more than ready to kick back with some drinks and sushi and watch possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen – THE FOUNTAINS. More on them later though.

We booked a table outside to optimise our view of the fountains, and decided to go for a mixture of sharing plates. It was so dark that the photos are a little hit and miss, and it was a joint effort from Harry (http://hashtagcake.me) and I to use a variety of lights and flashes so that you could see what we ate, so here goes…

Edamame houmous – really tasty and probably one of the best variations I’ve had.

Home made dim sum. There was beef, chicken and spinach & date. All really tasty.

‘Osaka’ style tartare. It was a mix of tuna and salmon and was probably my favourite dish, it tastes like it had literally just been caught!

Thai calamari with 12 spices. No idea what the 12 spices were but it definitely worked – another winner!

Mini Temaki Selection. For those of you who don’t speak sushi, just four hand rolls – two salmon and two tuna. Another winner, I think I prefer them to normal hand rolls as the fish to rice ratio was better.

New Style Philadelphia Maki (I think). A lot of the maki rolls on the menu had names I didn’t recognise so the waiter very patiently explained them all to me and this one was definitely a good choice – salmon, philadelphia and avocado.


After all the grazing and wine guzzling we decided we were probably a bit full for puddings, so opted for cocktails instead. I’m afraid I can’t remember what they were but mine (the green one) had tea in it which sounds strange but they went down pretty well. I reckon this is the sort of place which would nail all their cocktails though so you probably can’t go wrong.


As I said earlier, if you go here (or anywhere else around Dubai Mall) you MUST sit outside as otherwise you won’t be able to see the most wonderful thing in the world. Every 30 minutes the music starts up and on they come, shooting so high up in the air, and in time to the music too. It truly is spectacular.




The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, so look how high they go in comparison to it!!


It was the perfect end to an absolutely fantastic holiday – great food, yummy cocktails, amazing views and the best company. Supper for two was about £130 (AED850) which isn’t too bad considering we had a fair amount of food, some cocktails and a bottle of wine. I’d definitely recommend Karma Cafe, and would also suggest getting lots of sharing plates rather than just one main meal. Back to cold London now!


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