The H Dubai (Dubai)

Another day in Dubai, another fancy brunch, it’s a tough life!

So as I mentioned in my last post, my friend Harry is a pretty big thing when it come to food blogging in Dubai (her blog is – defs worth checking out), and she was invited to The H Hotel to try their new poolside bbq brunch, and luckily for me she was asked if she’d like to bring a couple of guests!

Slightly hungover, we hopped in the car and drove over to The H Hotel. A less established brunch (I got the impression when we went it was the launch) it was quite quiet and chilled, which was just what we needed. It said on Harry’s invite that it would be poolside, and true to their word they gave us a table right next to the pool, and more importantly next to the buffet! We decided we weren’t going to drink so the barman knocked us up some fruity mocktails which went down rather well!

We were given a selection of breads and dips which we leisurely munched on whilst waiting for the others to arrive.



I love a buffet as much as the next person, but I do have a tendency to resemble an obese kid in a sweet shop and try to cram as much on my plate as possible. Unfortunately at the age of 25 I am yet to grow out of this and went charging towards the buffet. There were two ‘stations’, a salad area and a meat/fish/seafood area. Some people put a small bit of salad on their plate and then went to add some meat/fish. Did I do that? Oh no. I decided that this meant I could get away with at least two plates of food.

First up were the salads, delicious bowls piled high with fresh ingredients.




The cleverest part? The Caesar salad station where you can create your own. Particularly ingenious for those who don’t eat anchovies or bacon as you don’t miss out!

This was what my plate resembled, I think I managed to get pretty much everything on there!


Next up was the seafood and steak.

Lobster, prawns, clams, salmon – if it lives in the sea it was on offer!

More prawns and chicken skewers.

A selection of different cuts of steaks and lamb chops.

And finally some vegetables to go on the side (there was also some halloumi tucked in there too!)


Basically you choose what you want and then the chefs will grill it on the bbq right before your eyes! It’s pretty cool, and luckily it wasn’t too busy so it was quite speedy. As I was standing there deciding what to have it was as if the chef had read my mind, and he said “which would you prefer first, the seafood or the steak?” My eyes lit up as I realised it was going to be acceptable to have both! First I went for the lobster and prawns with some grilled vegetables.

And after a little breather I went for some more prawns (they were so good), with steak and some halloumi. It was pretty much all my favourite foods on one plate!


The advantage of these brunches is that they’re meant to be leisurely and take up most of the afternoon, and as we were by the pool we decided to take full advantage of this and hopped in for a little dip before dessert.


We swam around and then went in the jacuzzi and once we started to turn into prunes we hopped out and decided it was time to tackle the dessert table. I’m normally more of a savoury girl but this was too good to say no to! Every type of pudding you could possibly want!






For the final time I stacked my plate up and vowed that I will go on a diet when I get back to London (unlikely but you never know!)


A truly leisurely brunch, I would definitely recommend the H Hotel’s brunch and would also say it’s a good one if you’ve got kids as they have lifeguards at the pool so you can leave your kids to swim around whilst you get a break. It’s also really reasonably priced, I think it’s £50 (AED300) for the alcoholic brunch (plenty of fizz and cocktails) and obviously less if you’re not drinking. Similarly to Roberto’s, the staff were very attentive and our glasses were never empty.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon and I must say a huge thank you to The H Hotel for inviting Harry, and Harry for inviting me!


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