Langan’s Brasserie (Mayfair)

Finally a review without a burger in sight!
Firstly I must apologise for the photo quality of the pics here, my camera and computer are not really getting on at the moment and so I had to use my iPhone (also I’d had a couple of glasses of wine before the food arrived which could be partially to blame…)

Anyway, last week it was my dad’s birthday so we decided it was time for a family get together and some good food and wine. After looking at various options it was decided that we would go to Langan’s Brasserie in Mayfair. I’ve been there before and was really looking forward to it as the food is so good! Unlike many of the other white table clothed, fancier establishments, Langan’s isn’t pretentious and still has a buzzing, lively atmosphere, even on a Wednesday night when other places may be quieter.

I arrived a bit early and had a drink at the bar with mum while we waited for the others to arrive. When we sat down I wasn’t sure what to have as there is a lot of choice. As you can see, the menu is rather extensive!


Apparently Langan’s is known for their spinach souffl√© (according to my dad at least!) so he just had to go for that and I’ll admit that it did look rather intriguing, especially when the waitress poured the anchovy sauce on it.


My brother went for the smoked salmon…


My mum opted for the mozzerella and tomato salad, which came with three colours of tomato including one which was green and as she wasn’t wearing her glasses she thought it was a lime and tried to squeeze it on the rest of the salad!!


And I chose the snails. I absolutely love them and they came in a rather delicious garlic butter.


Next came the mains (obviously!). Again I struggled as to what to have but decided to go a little bit rogue and opt for something I wouldn’t usually go for, in the form of a lamb shank. It was the most tender meat and just dropped off the bone, I would definitely recommend it!


My mum went for the duck. It’s probably her favourite meat and her verdict was that it was pretty damn good, so it must have been! (I know this photo is particularly bad so apologies!)


And my dad and brother opted for the schnitzel which also got a positive review from them. It was topped with a fried egg and anchovies.


We were so full of food and wine that we couldn’t manage pudding, but for the sake of my blog and because it was his birthday, my dad managed to squeeze in some profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce, and I think you’ll agree that they look rather tasty!



I would definitely recommend Langan’s. The food is great, the staff are friendly and it has a good atmosphere. We didn’t leave until almost 11 and it was still heaving, even though it was a Wednesday.


It’s not the cheapest restaurant, but you wouldn’t expect it to be. Supper for 4 people with a couple of bottles of wine was about ¬£320. If you’re celebrating (or if someone else is paying), then I’d definitely recommend it but you’ll need to book in advance as it does get rather busy.


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