Mahib (Brick Lane)


I am ashamed to say that I’ve lived in London for 7 years and never once had a curry on Brick Lane..

At university it was the territory of the rugby lads, and being neither a rugby player or a lad I never made it there.

That all changed two weeks ago though! (I didn’t become a rugby lad but I did visit brick lane). I met some friends after work for a few drinks at The Water Poet, a pub near Liverpool Street. From the outside it just looks like a normal pub, but it had the most fantastic beer garden. Being a Friday night it was understandably quite busy but we managed to find a little table and settled in for a good old catch up. By the time it got to 9.30 we’d had plenty to drink and decided it was time to get some food. Both Vietnamese and Curry were suggested and we finally decided on curry.

We trotted over to Brick Lane all ready to haggle but one of the boys knew of a place which he seems to go to fairly frequently and where the prices are very reasonable, so that’s how we found ourselves at Mahib. It was just after 10pm when we arrived but it was still pretty busy and lively which is definitely what we wanted.

We sat down and were immediately given one of the longest menus I’ve ever seen. There was every possible Indian dish on it, but we all had our go to favourites so stuck with what we know we like.

Samosas to start, both lamb and veggie… We were saving ourselves for the main course so only ordered enough for a couple of bites each but they were perfectly crispy and tasted great.




Next came the main courses. As I said before we all knew what we wanted and so pretty much ordered our own things and then tucked into what each other had ordered too. I always order vegetarian food, not because I’m a vegetarian but because I love vegetarian curry and can never be bothered to cook it for myself so I only ever get the chance when at an Indian restaurant.


As I said, we weren’t overly adventurous and we went for the Chicken Tikka Masala (x2)…


Chicken Korma…


Okhra (obviously my veggie choice)…


Keema naan…


Keema rice (which I hadn’t had before but is my new favourite thing)…


and finally plain rice! We also got saag paneer, garlic naan and peshwari naan but I think that by the time they reached the table I’d put my camera down and had tucked in!


Mahib was an absolute bargain! £48 for supper for 4 people!! That’s only £12 a head. And to make it even better – it’s bring your own booze so we went to a shop round the corner and bought some wine for a fraction of the price it would have been in a restaurant. The staff were lovely, the food was great and I will definitely be back there again soon! If you’re ever stumbling down Brick Lane then make sure you keep an eye out for the neon sign!



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