The Treehouse (Northumberland)

This weekend I decided it was time to escape from London and went up north…

To Newcastle to be precise. One of my closest friends lives there and I have been meaning to visit her for the last 6 years but this weekend I finally got my act together and hopped on a train.

My friend and her housemates are all doctors and rarely get a free weekend, so I picked the perfect time to visit as they all had the weekend off and had made some pretty great plans, including going to Alnwick Castle. I must admit that when they first said we were going to a castle for lunch I was slightly dubious and imagined a museum style cafe but I was very wrong. Bang in the middle of the countryside in the grounds of Alnwick castle is The Treehouse.

It’s unlike any treehouse I’ve ever seen before – it is massive! Dimly lit and covered in fairy lights it’s quite romantic and I think they have quite a few weddings there (apparently it was even on don’t tell the bride!)

We were slightly late for our lunch booking but they very kindly kept our table, which was greatly appreciated as we were starving! Not necessarily the most decisive group of people, it took us ages to decide what to eat and despite a few hasty decisions I think everyone was quite happy with their decisions. The list of starters was pretty good and the fishcakes proved the most popular with three of the girls opting for them.

The review was that they were pretty tasty and that the salsa was the stand-out element.

Then there was the bruschetta, pretty standard in terms of bruschetta, with a variety of different toppings.

I had the pork and apple terrine, it was so good! Meaty but still a bit fruity, it was exactly what I needed.


Next came the main courses…

I ummed and aaaahd for a while as I couldn’t decide between the sea bass or sausages. Not normally one to choose sausages I decided to go for it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It came with mash, gravy and a red onion marmalade. Sausages are a bit hit and miss but these tasted like proper sausages and were really meaty.

One of the girls went for the sea bass which also looked (and apparently tasted) very good.


One of them went for the steak sandwich which was also good but a lot of bread!


And finally there was the stew. Very light in colour and consistency it wasn’t quite what any of us had imagined but apparently if you don’t think so much of it as a stew then it’s actually quite tasty.


And we obviously thought it would be rude to leave without having pudding!

I went for the berry tart which I gobbled down in approximately 30 seconds.


There was also a creme caramel style pudding, which was a bit bland apparently, I’m not a fan of any food that wobbles though so definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice.


And three chocolate boards. This one definitely made me a bit jealous but the girls were very kind and all gave me some of theirs so I basically got 2 puddings! Winning.


I would definitely recommend The Treehouse to anyone who happens to be in Newcastle/Northumberland. We had a great girly lunch and the food was seriously good. It’d also be a good date venue, especially in the evening when it’s all lit by the fairy lights. It’s also really reasonably priced – the set menu was about £25 for three courses (they only do a set menu but you can get two courses for a bit less).

And the best bit (well second best after the chocolate board) – if you’re feeling like you want to walk off your food a bit then you can go for an amble around the grounds of Alnwick Castle. I must say a big thanks to the girls for having me to stay and taking me to a great restaurant, I’ll be back soon!




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