Polo Bar 24 (Liverpool Street)

I have Emerald Street to thank for this find.

In case you don’t know what Emerald Street is (and why the hell not?!) it’s a daily e-mail from the sister publication of the magazine Stylist. If pops into your inbox every day and informs you about a variety of things including fashion, events, restaurants, books and even careers. I’d definitely recommend signing up and you can do that here….. http://www.emeraldstreet.com

At the moment they are doing a special brunch club, where each weekend they partner with a cafe/restaurant and offer a brunch deal. It is a dream come true for someone like me. Sadly this is the only one I’ve made it to so far but some of the others look pretty great too.

I must have walked past Polo Bar nearly a hundred times but I had never noticed it before. It’s nestled between shops, cafés and offices and is a tall narrow building.

The deal with Emerald Street was two mains from the brunch menu and two glasses of prosecco for £20 which is pretty good. However when we got there we decided to go rogue as neither of us really felt like drinking and my friend fancied a burger which, as you’d imagine, wasn’t on the breakfast menu.

First up came the drinks – the thickest chocolate milkshake ever!

After this I wasn’t sure if I even needed a meal but being the trooper I am I soldiered on! I am an absolute cheese fiend and I went for the Welsh rarebit. A mixture of 3 cheese on toast with bacon and avocado. Everything you need to make an excellent breakfast.

The only criticism I would have is that it was all quite dry and could have done with a bit of butter on the bread. It did come with a rather nice chutney though.


My friend opted for the burger with cheese and bacon fries. The result was a tasty burger but unfortunately with all the fancy burger chains out there it had a lot to live up to and was a little bit bland.


The place is great though, set over 3 floors it has a diner type vibe but still has lots of yummy cakes on the ground floor which are freshly baked and looked pretty tasty.



The best thing about Polo Bar? It’s open 24/7! It never closes. I reckon it makes the best alternative to a kebab after a night out and it’s pretty cheap – bacon sandwiches are about £3! Are total bill was £25 for two mains and two drinks which isn’t bad. Their website is here: http://polo24hourbar.co.uk

Thanks Emerald Street for introducing us to a late night gem!


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