National Burger Day (Battersea)


I think I need to change the name of this blog to Burger and Burger…

I promise I will write about more brunch things soon, but at the moment I just can’t get enough of burgers, and luckily for me, Wednesday was National Burger Day so we popped over to Battersea Power Station for a bit of a burger feast. Run by Tweat Up and Mr Hyde, I heard about it on twitter and was first in line to get my tickets, which is lucky as they sold out pretty quickly.

Tickets are £15 and that gets you a pint of Meantime and two shots.

I’m not much of a lager fan, but I actually quite liked it and guzzled my way through it.

Then came the shots…


I’m still recovering from the ‘Chilliback’ which is a shot of tequila followed by a shot of chilli juice…it was as horrible as it sounds! The other shot was  a ‘Pickleback’ which is a shot of Jameson followed by pickle juice, which wasn’t so disgusting but just weird!

After all that we got in our first burger queue. We went for what looked like one of the shorter queues but was still at least 30 minutes wait. I’d say it was worth it though. I’d never been to Dip’n’Flip before but it was good!

They had a little production line running at full speed to feed all the hungry people waiting.

The burger was a beef patty, topped with more beef and served in a brioche bun. They then pour gravy over the whole thing! I’m not the biggest gravy fan but it turned out to be an absolute winner in my eyes!

They even give you a rather dashing blue glove to eat it with so your hands don’t get messy…very clever!


It also came with chips which was definitely needed as we were super hungry after all the queuing. We got one to share and gobbled it down within about 30 seconds! It cost £6 which I don’t think is too bad considering it came with chips too. The meat was perfectly cooked, as I’m really not a fan of a well done burger, and topped with a bit of ketchup and mustard – all in all it was pretty damn good. They also have a restaurant in Clapham Junction which I will definitely be testing out soon ( IMG_1903.JPG

Due to all the queues we decided there was no time to hang around and got straight in the next queue – this time for Dirty Burger. My friend had heard great things about it, but the problem was that so had everyone else, and the queue for this was nearly an hour. By the time we got to the front they’d sadly sold out of their ‘Swiss Burger’, so we had to opt for the mini ‘Swiss Slider’ instead which was good but just very small – we’re talking two bites here!

I don’t have particularly big hands, but you can see from the photo that they weren’t exactly big! They were delicious though – the meat was tender, the brioche buns crisp and the cheese was gooey and so yum. I’ll definitely be going to Dirty Burger one day too to get a full sized burger. A small slider was £3.50 which wasn’t too bad, but you’d need a few to properly fill you up. If you want to pay them a visit they have a couple of locations around London ( IMG_1917.JPG

After half a burger, and then a mini burger we were both quite hungry, but also very tired as we’d been there for nearly 3 hours, so we joined the shortest queue – Byron. I love Byron and I know how popular they are, but I think that as the other stalls were all a bit more novelty than Byron slightly missed out. There burgers were the cheapest though at £5, and actually bigger than any of the others so definitely value for money!


The burgers were good but after the delicious Swiss cheese at Dirty Burger, the cheese tasted a bit synthetic and the pickles were a bit too vinegary for my liking. I thought it was a shame as they don’t really do justice to the normally epic burgers in Byron’s restaurants, but still a good burger in a nice bun, and it was only a 10 minute queue! If you’re in the vicinity of a Byron then it’s always a good shout, and their Mac’n’Cheese is probably some of the best I’ve ever had – and that’s saying something! They’ve got lots of locations ( IMG_1913-0.JPG

There were a lot of stalls which we didn’t make it too purely because the queues were too long – but here were the other options.

IMG_1912.JPGAll in all it was a fun evening, but my advice to Mr Hyde and Tweat Up (in case they care) would be to try and organise it so that people don’t have to queue for so long. I don’t know if there’s a simple solution and I think it will probably be even busier next year, but they either need to get more stalls so there’s more choice or try to make the queuing a bit more efficient. If I went again I’d do it slightly differently:

– Turn up early – it starts at 5pm and if you can bunk out of work early then do it, we arrived at 7pm and it was really busy

– Divide and conquer – go in a big group and each queue for a stall then meet back up and try all the different burgers

– Don’t drink the ‘Chilliback’ – I felt ill all of the next day and could just feel a slight burning in my chest!!



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