Namada (Southfields)

So I haven’t reviewed an Indian restaurant, until now…

When I first moved to Southfields everyone I knew told me how there was a great Indian restaurant, but nobody knew the name. Southfields is pretty small and doesn’t have a lot of restaurants but it does have three Indian restaurants and they’re all in a row so it was pretty tricky knowing which one was the special one. However I quickly set about on a mission to work out which one it was. I quickly discovered that it was Namada. It’s possibly the best curry house I’ve ever been to, and that’s saying something!

I went with a friend and they decided to not drink, so they opted for a lassi (you get the choice between sweet and savoury – they went for sweet and I dread to think what savoury would be!) and I went for a glass of wine.

The lassi was good but quite thick for a drink and I would probably suggest it as a pudding alternative, although they also do an alcoholic one with Malibu in (which I’ve had before) and is pretty tasty!

Then came the starters. We decided to share two – the vegetable samosas and lamb sheek kebab. The samosas were so good. They were perfectly crispy without being greasy and they came with a lovely slightly sweet sauce.



I’d never had a lamb sheek before but it was amazing! The meat was luminously pink, but I think that was due to all the spices. It was really flavoursome without being too spicy and the meat was perfectly cooked.



I also think the presentation of the food is lovely, which you don’t seem to get in too many Indian places (I could be wrong, but that’s just from my experience).

A few years ago I went to India for a couple of months, and the area I stayed in was predominantly vegetarian so most of the food I started to like was veggie (not normal for me – as you’ll be able to tell from all the burger blog posts!)

I went for the Okra (it’s a vegetable which is a bit like a pepper, courgette, aubergine combination) which comes in a slightly spicy tomato sauce, and is absolutely delicious.



And I also went for the Saag Paneer. Saag is just spinach, and paneer is an Indian cheese which is like super compacted cottage cheese (I hope you like my untechnical, and probably slightly inaccurate, description). It is literally my favourite thing, and Namada’s is pretty great.



My friend went for the fairly standard Chicken Tikka Masala, which is a little sweet for my liking but still nice.


We shared a fried rice – not a very Indian concept, but all the spices make it go well with the rest of the food.


And obviously no Indian would be complete without naan bread! We were feeling quite greedy so opted for two portions, which was probably a bit much in hindsight, but we managed to polish most of it off. The naan menu is quite extensive, but we both went for the keema naan (which is stuffed with minced lamb).



In case you haven’t guessed, I love the food at Namada, the staff are so nice and they always remember what you had to eat last time and make a real effort which I think is so important, especially as Southfields has quite a community feel.

The other fantastic thing is that Namada take Tastecard, which means 2 for 1 on starters and mains, so our total bill was £37 for two drinks each and an absolute feast of food!

You can have a look at their location on their website and it’s less than a 5 minute walk from Southfields, so if you’re in the area then I’d definitely recommend popping in, and if you lie nearby but don’t want to leave your home then they’ll also deliver!


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