Ben’s Canteen (Earlsfield)


This week has been very burger focused – not that I’m complaining!

On Wednesday I went to Honest Burgers (, and then on Thursday I went to Ben’s Canteen.

I had been roped into this thing called FitBrit on Thursday. It was hell. It’s basically this fitness test which involves cycling, rowing (on a machine, not the water), press ups, various exercises with weights etc. I was exhausted by the end of it and despite having the best intentions of having a soft drink and a salad, by the time I got to Ben’s Canteen I had decided it was time to have a cocktail and burger (and some sides obviously!)

As soon as I saw the menu saying ‘Hard Drinks’ I was sold.


I was meeting two friends who I used to live with and we decided it was definitely cocktail hour. I went for the Songbird which was lemony, giny and generally delicious. One of the girls opted for Margarita Senorita, and the other opted for water (she was driving).


Then it was time to order the food. They do a slightly strange selection of food, but it works and is all pretty yum. We all opted for burgers.

One chicken burger.


One BC burger (without cheese).


Look how juicy that meat is.


And a pulled pork burger for me.


It was so bbqy and succulent, I gobbled it up in about 2 minutes!


None of the burgers come with sides, so they have to be ordered separately. There was talk of all sharing sides but after seeing the face I pulled (and having lived with me for 2 years) the girls quickly realised I wasn’t in the mood to share my mac’n’cheese with anyone.

Crispy and cheesey on top and then creamy underneath it was pretty tasty, although could have done with a slightly stronger tasting cheese (I am a cheese lover after all!)


The girls opted to share some chips (which looked and tasted suspiciously like McCain oven chips).


All in all a pretty good meal and a good place to go for cocktails. In my opinion it’s a bit pricey for what it is though – a plain burger is £9, and that doesn’t come with chips or anything – especially when you compare it to £7.50 at Honest Burgers and the burgers their come with chips. The total bill for 3 burgers, 2 sides and 2 cocktails (including service) was £58.

I would go back to Ben’s again though as the food was good, the atmosphere quite lively and the staff were nice (although it didn’t go down too well when I tried to take a picture of the bar).


They have branches in both Clapham Junction and Earlsfield, and I would say I probably prefer Clapham Junction (which is the original) as it also has an outdoor seating area but they are both quite similar and the food is the same at both. Their website is Happy feasting!


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