Lardo (London Fields)

You just can’t go wrong with Italian food (and wine).

This weekend I agreed to meet a friend for supper, and loving pizza almost as much as I do, we decided to try Lardo in London Fields.

You may have read my previous post about the cheesetastic (in the fromage sense, not the naff sense) Mojo – if you haven’t why the hell not?!? – and situated right next door is Lardo. I’m not sure if they’re owned by the same people but they are both very different.

Lardo also has a great outdoor area but it was a bit chilly so we decided to sit inside where we could sit back, relax and watch the chefs in action.





The menu is a mixture of antipasti/sharing plates and then a few main courses and obviously pizza! To be honest I liked the look of pretty much everything on the menu, and I may have had a little snoop on other people’s tables and all their food looked so tasty. Sadly we couldn’t eat the whole menu, so I opted for the Arancini.

They are so delicious – balls of risotto rice with cheese and meat, then covered in breadcrumbs and fried. I am a big fan of Arancini and have tried my fair few, and these rank up there with the best. Just look at all that melted cheesey goodness.


My friend opted for the carbonara. I often have the dilemma of whether to choose pizza or pasta, so somewhere which does pasta for a starter solves that problem! I obviously had to try a bit of the carbonara and we both agreed it was good but slightly bland. At the same time though, you don’t want it to be too rich if it’s just the starter.


Then came the main event, the pizzas! We couldn’t decide which to get so opted for two different ones to share. We chose the black anise pepperoni.


And the peppers and nduja (a spicy sausage).


An excellent plate of pizza I think you’ll agree!


I think the pepperoni probably won my vote but it was a close call. They were really good pizzas and the extra flavouring of the anise in the pepperoni made it more fun than just a normal pepperoni pizza and I was surprised how much you could taste the pepperoni.

After all this food we couldn’t fit in any puddings (although the pudding menu did look pretty tasty), so we headed off.

The total bill came to £70. I don’t think that’s too bad for a bottle of wine, two starters and two pizzas (and it included service). It’s probably a but pricier than your average italian, but the venue was cool, the staff lovely and the food extremely tasty. Will definitely be going back, and I have to say I think it trumps Mojo next door.

The website is and they’re located between Hackney Central and London Fields. Happy pizza eating!!!


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