Burger & Lobster (Mayfair)

On Wednesday the sun was shining and we decided it just wasn’t right to go straight home after work, so we headed off to Burger & Lobster in Mayfair.

I’ve been before and the queue was pretty extreme so we weren’t sure what to expect. We arrived at about 7pm and were told it would be a 30 minute wait but we could go and get a drink elsewhere then they’d call us when the table was ready. 15 minutes later (after we’d just got some wine), we got the call saying the table ready so off we trotted.

My friend hadn’t been before and was struggling at the concept of not having a food menu, but just about managed to get their head around it. For those of you who haven’t been, the choice is pretty simple:
Burger (with cheese and bacon if you want)
Lobster (grilled or boiled)
Lobster roll

We’re not the most decisive people, so we opted to share all 3. First things first though – drinks!

We opted for a glass of fizz and a gin fizz, which I must admit were both pretty tasty.

The food came pretty quickly after. I opted for the lobster roll and have a lobster:


If you don’t think that looks like a damn fine plate of food then there is clearly something wrong with you!

The lobster roll was my absolute favourite – tender pieces of juicy lobster with a lemon and garlicky mayonnaisey butter type thing (I’m sure that’s not what they call it but it’s the best way to describe it), in a toasted brioche bun. Pure heaven, just look at it:



Having munched my way through the lobster roll at an extreme pace, I then moved onto the lobster. I don’t know if it’s just my novice lobster skills but it didn’t seem there was actually that much meat in it as a lot of it was shell. But I did have a lot of fun cracking it all open. And the good news was there was more lemon and garlicky mayonnaisey butter type thing!




My friend had the other half of the lobster and the burger which looked and tasted rather good.




After all that food I still managed to find room for some pudding. The options were lemon tart or upside down cheesecake. I love a cheesecake, and this one didn’t disappoint. Creamy cheese with a fruit compote and a crunchy topping.



My only complaint would be that it didn’t come in a glass or ceramic dish, but it wasn’t the be all and end all.

The restaurant itself is made to feel like the sort of lobster places you get in the states, and you can sit either at the bar or at a table. I tried to take a sneaky picture of the kitchen but the chefs didn’t look to impressed…





It’s not the cheapest place as all the mains cost £20, and obviously we opted for all 3 so the final bill came to £100. £20 seems pretty pricey for a burger but I guess the fact that a lobster is only £20 makes up for it.

I’d definitely recommend Burger & Lobster, and if you can’t decide what to choose then I would suggest the lobster roll. The Mayfair branch don’t take bookings so be prepared that you might have to wait a bit, but mid-week isn’t too bad.

They have a few different locations throughout London and they’re all listed on their website – http://www.burgerandlobster.com


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