Al Santo (Fulham)

20140726-104934-38974533.jpgSo I’d walked past Al Santo in Fulham numerous times and always thought that it looked great, and a couple of months ago finally ventured in there. I’d looked it up on the internet and there were mixed reviews, mostly saying that the food was good but the service wasn’t great. When we went before that wasn’t the case at all, yes the food was great but the service was too.

On Friday I’d agreed to meet a friend for supper and we hadn’t picked anywhere but as soon as we got to Fulham I just knew that we needed to go to Al Santo, as when I’d been before I hadn’t started the blog, and I really do think it’s a great little spot. It was such a lovely evening and luckily we managed to bag a table outside. I would always eat outside if it were an option, but in London we’re just not equipped with the wide pavements they have abroad so it’s not that common (and also the weather is pretty rubbish most of the time!) but Al Santo is in a quiet, mostly pedestrianised area so the tables outside are nice and quiet. 

Then came the menus… The main menu is written inside a record cover and I didn’t realise it actually still contained a record so when I opened it with probably a little too much gusto the record flew across the floor, which wasn’t too ideal. 




The menu has changed slightly since I last went, and the only sad part to this is they don’t have the amazing starter I had last time (a ball of mozzerella wrapped in parma ham and then baked – it was heaven!), but we opted to share the houmous and tzatziki with flat bread.20140726-105027-39027508.jpg



The bread was lovely and warm but was slightly let down by the houmous which was just a little bland. The tzatziki, however, was lovely and refreshing on such a warm evening.

Next came the mains… it’s a Greek and Italian restaurant so has a good selection of dishes, but the pasta is such a winner it would be a shame to try anything else. I opted for the ravioli, which is filled with spinach and ricotta and comes in a lovely rich gorgonzola, walnut and bacon sauce. It’s a lot of different flavours but somehow it just works. 20140726-105059-39059950.jpg



My companion opted for the carbonara which he said was really good, and to be fair, it does look pretty dam tasty. 20140726-105147-39107060.jpg

20140726-105146-39106021.jpgBy the time we’d eaten all this, we were pretty full and decided to just opt for more drinks rather than puddings. 

As well as being a restaurant it’s also sort of a deli, and Abul is in charge of cutting the extremely fresh prosciutto which looks (and tastes) delicious. 


Whilst Marco makes sure the bar is stocked at all times!


It has a really nice, family run atmosphere about the place, which I think is so important if you want to get customers to keep coming back, and I know I will definitely be back again soon. The total bill came to £45, for one starter, two mains and a couple of glasses of wine each, which I think is pretty good, especially in Fulham. 

They’re located on Vanston Place, which is 2 minute walk from Fulham Broadway station and they do get quite busy, so I’d recommend booking in advance to make sure you get a table. 20140726-105318-39198640.jpg


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