Hale & Hardy (Wandsworth)


I called this blog Munch & Brunch, and I’ve realised that so far I’ve written very little about brunch…whoops!

It’s one of my favourite meals, is a great chance to catch up with friends and is almost always reasonably priced – what’s not to love about it?!

A month or so ago I was walking down Wandsworth High Street and stumbled across an absolute gem – Hale & Hardy. Having planned to meet two friends for brunch I thought this would be a great place to go as neither of them had been there before and I was sure they’d love it, and luckily they did (or that’s what they told me to shut me up!)

It is an unassuming cafe which also sells some really cute homewares (I think that’s a word…) and also some store cupboard foods.


It’s predominantly a sandwich and cake cafe, but they also do a couple of breakfast options (granola/porridge/eggs etc) and they don’t bother with menus but have little blackboard signs hanging above the counter.


We started with coffees. I’ve recently become mildly obsessed with iced coffee and despite not being on the menu, the staff very kindly whipped me one up.




The hot breakfast menu is nice and uncomplicated – either poached or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon/serrano ham/mackerel and artisan bread (posh bread with lots of holes in it to the normal person!) The other two both opted for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.


And I went for scrambled eggs with serrano ham.



The food is so good, the scrambled eggs aren’t too wet (I hate wet eggs), and taste really fresh. I can eat a lot, and at first I thought the portions looked a little small but by the time I finished I was perfectly full.

However the cakes were just too good to say no to.




And for the sake of the blog (see how selfless I am?!), I opted for a slice of heavenly carrot cake. The others were much better behaved than me and just had more coffees.


The food is incredibly well priced too – the eggs and salmon/ham is £5.50 and the cakes range from £2-3. Absolute bargain in my opinion! It’s also really family friendly – they have high chairs, juices for kids and plenty of room to park buggys. There were a few people in there on their own too, and they have all the newspapers so it’s the sort of place where you can just go on your own for a bit of downtime – which is always a winner. I honestly cannot recommend this place highly enough.

I’m reluctant to tell you the address as it’s quite small and I want to be able to get a table next time I go (even though I doubt that you’ll all flock there on my recommendation) but it’s 141 Wandsworth High Street. They don’t have a website but it’s about a 10-15 minute walk from East Putney tube or a 5 minute bus from Clapham Junction. It’s really near where I live so if you plan to go then let me know and I’ll come with you (providing I know you and you’re not some weird stalker!)

Enjoy the sunshine!


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