Franco Manca (Southfields)


Pizza is one of my all time favourite foods, last year I gave it up for a whole 365 days and it was incredibly tough.

Luckily I am now firmly back eating pizza and so was able to pop on down to Franco Manca and see what they had to offer.

For those of you who’ve never ventured to Southfields, it’s not the most happening place. I’ve lived here for 3 years and I love living here but it really did need a new restaurant with a bit of personality – step in Franco Manca! Having opened a couple of weeks ago I was first in the queue but I stupidly forgot my phone so couldn’t take any pictures. On the plus side it meant I needed to go back again, and I definitely wasn’t going to complain about that!! The menu is succinct, they offer 6 pizzas but these can then be customised further. There’s also an epic specials board which you must make sure you don’t miss. 20140712-140133-50493469.jpg On the board they also have starters and we opted to share the Burrata and Salami board.


20140712-140341-50621683.jpg For those of you who are new to the world of Burrata (I was until a couple of weeks ago), it’s a mixture of cream and mozzerella stuffed into the shell of the original mozzerella. Not sure if that makes sense but basically it’s creamy, cheesey and delicious. Just look at it.

20140712-140534-50734986.jpg It came with a side of rocket and cherry tomatoes and it just makes the best mouthful.

20140712-140613-50773416.jpg Similarly to the pizza menu, the list of starters was quite short and is mostly a combination of cheeses and cured meats, which is fine by me! I would highly recommend the burrata and salami but it was slightly creamy for my friend and I think they would have preferred the normal mozzerella and salami, but sadly they’d run out of that by the time we arrived.


Next for the main event…the pizza.

Franco Manca is known for the fact that it only uses sourdough for the pizza bases. Not only is sourdough very tasty, it’s also meant to be easier to digest which has got to be a winner. There are 6 pizzas on the menu and we both opted for number 6 – mozzerella, tomato sauce and two types of chorizo. Heaven!



20140712-141013-51013514.jpg My dining partner chose the same pizza but added spicy lamb sausage, which was so tasty but definitely had a kick.

20140712-141125-51085120.jpg My only advice would be to go easy on the chilli oil as the emphasis is on the chilli part and I’m a bit lame when it comes to hot/spicy food! As you’d expect, the drinks menu is simple, with a couple of different wines and some ‘No logo’ beer.

20140712-141414-51254561.jpg We turned up quite late at about 10pm so managed to get a table but you should be prepared to queue as it’s very popular. However the queue moves quickly and they will serve you drinks while you wait. The other bonus is that it has an outside area as well which is perfect for summer! The staff are so friendly and nice and were more than happy to pose for a photo.

20140712-141625-51385590.jpg And we were really impressed that one of the owners, Amos, was there and he came over and had a chat with us and even gave us some glasses of wine. It makes it feel much more personable and that’s always going to make you want to go back!

20140712-141835-51515394.jpg By the time we finally left it was 11.30 and we were the last people there but the staff were still friendly and didn’t rush is out. The food is fantastic, the service excellent and the prices very reasonable! Pizzas range from about £5-7! Our total bill came to £30 for starters, pizzas and drinks which is practically unheard of in London! They have a few branches across London so I would highly recommend you pop in for a pizza, or if you’re in a hurry you can takeaway.



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