Mojo (London Fields)


Mexican…mmmm. Just the thought of Mexican food makes me salivate. There is nothing I love more than meat, cheese, avocado, rice and beans in some form of wrap/taco/tortilla.

I’ve never been to Mexico and everyone tells me the food is very different to what we have here but to be perfectly honest, I don’t mind if it’s not authentic, it tastes so good!!

So my friend and I went to a mini festival today called ‘Festifeel’ (more info to follow on my next post) and we were a bit peckish and fancied a wander so we headed out to a little Mexican place called ‘Mojo’. I’ve been here before and knew that the food would be good and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

20140622-004458-2698532.jpg Enchiladas de Mole

I went for pork but they also do chicken and beef. The picture isn’t great (I’ve warned you before about my lack of artistic skill) but these were so tasty. Succulent pork in mini tortillas and then smothered in a slightly spicey bbq sauce. Amazing! They also come with refried beans and rice (and I obviously got some extra guacamole!)

20140622-004904-2944509.jpg Pork Burrito

For once I was so content with my food that I didn’t even ask to try this! I have been assured though that it was very tasty and coming from someone who has tried a lot of burritos that is high praise indeed! I was even told it was the best Mexican food that had ever been consumed. I don’t think I’d go that far based on my meal but it’s definitely up there!

20140622-005118-3078103.jpg Chori-Queso (aka Heaven)

The highlight by far for me…melted cheese with chorizo. This is technically a starter (but we shared it as a side) and I think it would probably be fine for a small main, especially as it comes with a tortilla wrap. One of my favourite questions to ask people is “if you were on death row what would your last meal be?” (I know that’s a weird question but I am mildly obsessed with food!) and I genuinely think this would be a pretty high contender on my list! I haven’t tried it before as last time I went they had run out (that’s how popular it is) but it is now my firm favourite.

We didn’t have any fancy drinks as we’d been drinking all day and were heading back to the festival after, but the cocktails looked so good. There was one (I think a margherita) which was chilli and mango…I’ll try that next time and let you know how it is. The cocktail list is quite extensive and the creations are made in the fun-looking bar.


They are really lucky as they have a massive pavement outside so there are lots of outdoor tables and I would definitely try to bag one as sitting inside can be a big quiet and not so lively (also when it’s nice weather they move most of the tables outside so if you sit inside you could be the only table…literally!


It’s also very reasonably priced. I know we didn’t have alcoholic drinks but our bill was £35 (including service) for what was basically 3 meals. Beware – the portions are bigger than they look, we were saying after that we could’ve quite easily shared just one main and the cheesey chorizoey goodness, but hey, I have to eat lots so I can tell you guys all about it, right?!

You can find them on Richmond Road (between Hackney Central and London Fields). Website is – and make sure you get the Chori-Queso – you won’t regret it!



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