Route (Dalston Junction)


Hello again! So I am just back from a week in Turkey where I stuffed my face non stop (SO much halloumi and houmous), and so I thought I’d just continue to eat all weekend and started with an excellent breakfast at Cafe Route in Dalston.

It has a bustling atmosphere without being so busy you can’t actually get a seat which suited me and my dining companion pretty well. After scouring the menu we ordered drinks (Apple, Ginger and lime juice and also coffees) and they were promptly delivered to our table by a very friendly waiter. Being in Dalston, and being quite a ‘trendy’ cafe (god I sound like a grandma!), we assumed the portions would be quite small and therefore ordered three mains to share (yes we are greedy pigs) but we were VERY wrong and had far too much food (we still managed to polish it all off though!).

Now onto the most important part…THE FOOD!



Poached Eggs, Chorizo and Avocado on Sourdough

Avocado is probably my favourite thing EVER and it was in abundance on this plate (which is a rarity as most places skimp on it.)


My partner in Culinary Crime had the Full English

Although it did look tasty I have a serious phobia of baked beans (weird, I know) so I didn’t try any of it but apparently the scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection and the portion was very generous. However I do feel that a full English is a little boring sometimes, and it doesn’t come with avocado!

As we clearly hadn’t eaten enough (we definitely had!) we shared ANOTHER meal!


Eggs Benedict with Parma Ham

The Parma ham was a perfect addition. I recently saw a recipe with scrambled eggs, parma ham and parmesan and now I can’t get enough of parma ham with eggs.

The cafe also doubles up as a shop and deli and they have some pretty epic looking salads which I will definitely be back to try!



All in all a fantastic breakfast and I would highly recommend Route. The person on the table next to us had their ‘Turkish Breakfast’ which also looked amazing, so maybe try that for something a little different. It’s also really well priced, £6.50-£9 for a big dish. We spent £35 for two which included 3 mains and 4 drinks so not bad at all! I would definitely recommend for breakfast, lunch or supper as the staff are lovely, it has a local feel and the food is heavenly!

They are located in Dalston Square, and more info is on their website.



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